IT Support for Home and Business


Price List

Please note:
All the prices quoted include the 10% discount I give for payment on completion of the work. If you are a business and prefer to be invoiced then the discount will still apply if you pay within 14 days, otherwise the full amount will be due within 30 days

On-Site Support
The majority of repair jobs can be completed within the hour in which case I charge £45.

For more complicated jobs I will normally be able to give an accurate quote after the first hour so I should be able to complete the job for a set cost.

In some cases it is obvious that a computer is beyond economic repair, if this is the case I will give you my honest opinion of whether it is worth repairing or you are better off buying new. As I do not sell computers myself I can give you true independent advice on how to proceed.

Data Recovery
Prices for data recovery depend on how badly damaged the hard disk is and the quantity of data.

If the file system on the disk to be recovered is still intact and the data to be recovered is less that 20Gb then it should be possible to recover the files in less than an hour at a charge of £45.

If the physical disk is damaged or formatted or the data is in excess of 200Gb you may be looking at up to £250-£300 depending on how long it takes to scan the drive and physically transfer the data.

Please contact me with your personal circumstances and I will be happy to give you an estimate

Web Design
Multi page websites Designed to your specification start around £400 but please contact me for an accurate quote as it depends on how much design work is needed and what functionality is required.

Wireless Networking
If you have functioning equipment I can set up and secure a wireless internet connection for £45

If you do not have any wireless equipment I can advise you on how to get everything you need

If you are having problems with your wireless internet connection I can come and solve the problem with an onsite visit.

Support Contracts
I provide a range of support contract options depending on the size of your organisation. They can include telephone support, remote support, on-site visits and service level agreements. Please contact me to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements